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  • Read Data
  • Write Data
  • Delete Data


  • setItem(k,v) — Add key and value to local storage
  • getItem(k) — Retrieve a value by the key
  • removeItem(k) — Remove an item by key
  • clear() — Clear…

So what Actually is Typography?

What are higher-order functions?

  • They help us to write clean…


Animation Properties

.animated-element {
/*The name of the animation keyframes */
animation-name: rotate;
/*How long the animation should be*/
animation-duration: 0.5s…

Based on my experience with CSS as a developer, here are my top 10 “Don’ts.”

  • Don’t Overuse Classes Use ID instead of classes where it makes sense. It’s a faster way for the browser to access DOM elements.
  • Don’t Throw Everything Into One CSS File Partition your CSS to make it more manageable. Each CSS file could be broken into logical components like header.css, footer.css, etc.
  • Don’t Name Your Selectors…


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