Local Storage let us save the data which is stored in the browser even when a user refreshes or closes a page. Let’s know more about what is Local Storage in JavaScript.

Local Storage holds 2–100MB+ data. Saved all data in string(JSON) format. It is also useful for web interface data. It is also used for offline storage of data.

It has 3 three types of methods


As a JavaScript developer, you will utilize higher-order functions frequently. So, having a decent comprehension of these functions is vital.

Presently I see individuals get frequently confounded when finding out about the reduce() technique, yet I had clarified everything in detail so attempt to comprehend it bit by bit and I'm certain you will be able to understand everything.

What are higher-order functions?

In a nutshell, higher-order functions are those functions that take other functions as arguments OR return other functions. The function passed as arguments in higher-order function is known as a callback.

Why use higher-order functions?

Don’t be afraid of animation. They’re easy. This small started guide will help you in creating 4 simple type of keyframe animations.


You can use CSS keyframes to create some cool animation by transitioning between CSS properties. This quick intro to keyframe animation will cover the animation properties and show you five simple examples.

Animation Properties

To apply keyframe animations to your element you need to use the animation properties. Think of these as the setting for the animation.

.animated-element {
/*The name of the animation keyframes */
animation-name: rotate;
/*How long the animation should be*/
animation-duration: 0.5s…

CSS is essential for web development; however, it’s difficult to get right for your average developer, who may have interests elsewhere in the stack. Read this article to avoid needling inconsistencies and adopt best practices.

I’ll go over my top 10 Bad Practices in CSS.

Based on my experience with CSS as a developer, here are my top 10 “Don’ts.”


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